The XW Real Estate Recruiting Website

There are three Real Estate Recruiting package options: 

XW Bronze Package – The Jump-Start Recruiting Website

… ideal for companies who want to get a recruiting website presence up in a week.

This is a way to give your recruiting efforts an immediate web presence with minimal investment.  It is a five-page website with the following pages:  Home, About Us, For Agents, FAQs, and Contact Us.   Using password protected MS Word-like update pages, you can create and update the content for each of these pages – both text and graphics.   This package can later be upgraded to the XW SILVER or XW GOLD Packages.

XW Silver Package – The "Grow As You Go" Custom Expandable Recruiting Website

…ideal for companies with busy recruiting staff and want  to add new website content over time

This includes the features of the Basic Recruiting Starter Site (above) plus an addition page of your choice.  Itcetera will customize the navigation appearance and labels to your choices and create any specialized form or streaming media you may want to include on any of the six pages.  

In addition, Itcetera will create a customized header and footer for the site that will compliment your company real estate website or literature. 

With this package, you are not limited to just six pages.  When you have more content ready to publish, you can have Itcetera add that page content to your site for just a one-time fee of $37 per page.   That fee includes time for Itcetera to fine-tun your content to be sure that it is formated and consistently presented on you recuriting site.  The low monthly subscription rate stays the same regardless of the number of pages.

This package also includes the "Grow as You Go" Newsletter and Site Building Offers – you will receive a regular email newsletter with tips and ideas plus a suggested "new step" page you can consider adding to your existing website.  For the  small $37 setup fee, Itcetera will then add that new page, form, or media content to your current site and you can watch your recruiting site grow over time at your own pace - no pressure.   The newsletter is free and there is no obligation to add any of the recommended "next steps."  

XW GOLD Package – The Full Impact Custom Unlimited Page Recruiting Website

…ideal for companies that want to quickly and effectively impact their recruiting efforts

This recruiting package is designed for companies that are eager to get a full and information-packed recruiting website up fast to attract the best new and experienced agents to work for them. was effectively created using this package.

Itcetera will work with you to create the first 16-24 pages of the website.  In addition to the website, you will receive a Website Planning Workbook to help you plan the website design and content, along with Content Assignment forms to delegated specific content creation to individuals in your organization.   This package permits you to also add and update an unlimited number of pages of content using the password-protected update pages designed for your easy use.