Targeted, Effective and Easy-to-Update...

Wouldn't your recruiting efforts be a whole lot easier if you could change and update your recruiting website yourself – quickly?  No dealing with hard-to-understand "web guys," no lag time, if you want a change – you make it! 

And, let's face it – your recruiting website needs to change…times change…markets change.  You MUST keep up! 

Well, guess what?

Exceptional Websites by Itcetera is pleased to offer you a ready-to-implement recruiting website – professionally designed – tailored to complement your company website and easy-to-update without relying on "the web guy."

"Every real estate company serious about recruiting should have a dedicated website specifically designed to attract and screen new and seasoned real estate agent candidates for their business.
The best way to get that done is to invest in an Exceptional Websites Recruiting website.
  It’s extremely customizable, quick to get up and running, and easy to update without needing a technical expert. 

Itcetera understands our recruiting needs and delivers a website package you can have up and running in very little time.

I highly recommend this website product and personally rely on the company that created it for all my websites."

- Judy LaDeur, Judy LaDeur International

Five Reasons Why You NEED a Real Estate Recruiting Website by Itcetera's Exceptional Websites

     1.  It's quick and easy to implement.

     2.  All the hard setup and design work is done by us 
          - NOT YOU !

     3.  It's really affordable – just a very low monthly
           subscription of $35/month - a great value! 

     4.  It doesn't take a technical expert to update 
           and maintain

     5.  It was designed with input from recruiting experts: 
           Judy LaDeur and Kathy Baker!

New features will continue to be added over time!

Brand-New Affordable
Monthly Subscription Pricing

Pay a small one-time setup fee, as low as $127 and then pay just $35/month for your own dedicated real estate agent recruiting site.  Prepay by check quarterly or 
annually and save even more. 

Brand-New State-of-the-art Website Platform

Websites by Itcetera are now all built using the powerful and flexible Drupal platform.  This assures your site will not get outdated as new technology and features are introduced to the web.

Learn more about this exciting new website product designed to help real estate companies recruit new sales agents more effectively.

XW Packages

The XW Recruiting website is something completely new! It definitely improves our leads and helps give us
the edge over the competition.
 - Kathy Baker RE/MAX® United (NC)